Thursday, 13 November 2008

Club foot stagger rot, fell fall blagger

doom gotter

a shot better

knock end reap

snatch eh

rotation in a

for a

got a lively

found bunch of

she would too

newspapers wrapped in

gut fodder room snort

human skin

draw a word

sleep slide

thru the door

dream of empty wombs

windows branches

lord thyme needs a

“Fern ticket”

Do Americans know what that

The servant choked the

Phrase means?

Teeth the a

A be cu t

Should a cat

Not a known

A humanzee

Legal in Belgium

But not the photos

Heaped on messianic sores

Wood bench needle port

Skin bleeds yellow mottling

Puberty stays long pas(sed)t welcome

Sunrise beef for night glyph night snore

Stone blocs block the macabre

Never ashamed to see the chord

Musical hairs

Needle see

Sorta coulda shoulda


Not an eye out of peace

As above

So below

Spot chance ‘reaming