Thursday, 13 November 2008


Could be seen as. Fog hovering over. “Hey you! Wake up”. Snatch out of fingers. Rather. Eye all. for devil’s screw-top needle type. Gather garner scribble. We teach dyslexia. Salt-mines dig up cocaine. Total wobble over my breath. Up the pro. Rain spots drip down a sheet of text. Nose bleed armageddon. Knuckle crack alerts police to bomb attack. Troy tree trachea. Idiot as a eugenic term. Attracted to magnets. Sheets of living flesh preserved under my bed. Eyes left. Episode.


troylloyd said...

troytree breathes leaf. Wake up & riverrun. lexia dug worble or whipple rugs taughted. mirrormaze whole rabbit'd lookthru. one big, one small. go ask Malice.

mike cannell said...

malice, malice, who the fuck is malice?