Wednesday, 11 May 2011

entropy margin poem

dumb dumpster dim do-or don't's. scream if you want her to shut up. and or ism sort first apoplexy. parallel doppelganger cross-time till operator. strobe lighghts. peer review hand granade launches lunch. single in. viewer margin tool tv view. tiamo caro mio. o ordered sentence. pull pool pew. strip bach from tree, shopenhaur shrodinger cat or duck (pic). forge for fur. cave man appendix. feel for text (torture monger). ok gay marriage. humanist priest put up to flame poured.
canton tool if or origin. not at or. no nerd not of course. steam cleave. pittsburgh zombies back in fashion. sneeze appeal. mall pall infligrante. ufo claim debunked. boom or bast. no alone or. along.

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