Thursday, 26 May 2011


sneak in sneak our. gibbous mooning. lip stir rotation of. not as if you cared. love him as flags rise and fall. nexus one for under. broom field encephlograph . gote. reason beyond a white lie. toss out some shit to send you on your way. believe but not mention. rope tracks. slap head syllogisms. figure what out. pansy well flower. tipsy by the margin. sides (split) to be taken. a ridiculous amount in hard-back. greeting card messiah. told if you did. semiotics in death. intertwined.scathing remarks mark mark's remarks. anglo-us relations. not nutter encapsulate. is completely heterosexual. manchester/ man chest hair. so sword in gut. seething sores. early attempts at the v-8. not really practical. or as off. kit kernel proves that. thing my way through bends. david icke for. mud to pull.

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