Thursday, 15 May 2008

a single pwoermd to start a blog

If a journey of a thousand miles can be said to start with a single step, then perhaps this poetry blog should start with the pwoermd you see in the previous post. A pwoermd (for those who don't know) is a poem consisting of one word and no title except for what the word provides. The term itself was coined by the poet and archivist Geoff Huth, though Aram saroyam is most well known for using the form in his famous poem Lighght. The combination of the words poetry and prose in my pwoermd both describe my fondness for writing prose poems and the inclusion of "rosary" gives a religious bent to it. I can't promise to make this blog as good as Geof Huth's but I will at least (as long as nothing goes wrong) try to make it interesting and stimulating. I create visual poems,asemic writing, prose poems, sound poems (and text sound compositions) and hay (na) ku along with other various types. Not everyone will regard some of my work poetry, but I assure you it all is(including the most visual
things that include little or no text)
I hope people like my poems. I have never been published on paper but I would count this as publising and I have had my work printed on a website before. This blog will also contain my musings on poetry and my theories and comments on poetry. I will use this site to promote visual and so called"experimental"(for want of a better word) poetry.

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