Saturday, 24 May 2008

visual poem for jas h duke


troylloyd said...

tweaked piece!

i'm always drawn to complex minimalism.

this piece consists of just 2 elements juxtaposed strategically with aware eyes & deft hands.

it works very well. it even fulfills an auditory emission via this reader/looker, triggering headmusics of A.Braxton solo saxo.

i've always thought that hornplaying created a language unto itself and provides a beautiful conduit for transmogrified breath from the depths of human lungs.

this piece illustrates such a strong statement in an immediate manner.


mike cannell said...

yeah, I am pretty happy with this poem. the idea came from a quote I heard of a critic calling the sound poet Jas h Duke a human saxaphone because he had such a great vocal talent. I recommand you check the guy out. he's dead but there are a load of mp3s around