Saturday, 24 May 2008

sound on blogger

I'm really not sure why exactly the people who designed blogger didn't see it as necessary to make it possible to post audio tracks. You can post pictures. You can even post videos if you are so inclined. But audio? No. Apparently I have to join another site and host my sound poetry on that and then post it as an embedded player. Now, I'm not having a go at blogger. It's a good service. I love my blog. I've been very satisfied with it and I plan to run this blog for quite a few years. But I am a sound poet as well as a visual and textual one. I'm very prolific in this field. But can I show the people who subscribed to my RSS feed or anyone who happens to see this blog? Not right now.

So as you can imagine I'm rather annoyed. frustrated too. I subscribed to streampad, as this is the only site on the blogger help pages entry about posting sound that was even remotely relevant to me. The bit where I add my music is in beta testing stage so I can't use it! I've e-mailed them to request they add me onto the list but there is seemingly no instructions on using it and frankly it seems pretty useless right now.

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suzannahhh said...

I strongly recommend ripway
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