Sunday, 7 September 2008

the frailty of computers

A poem translated and retranslated. A form, a frame.

Gold-plated and looked at by glass eyes (whirring on walls, surveillance assured).

A poem filtered through computer minds.

Syntax mangled.

Similes ruined by smiles.

Shining static hisses in electronic ears.

Silicon ear-drums throb out an aphex beat (twins wince at puns)

French, German, Latvian

The sound still strains.

A poem translated and back-translated. A form, a framework.

Gold plated and the looked by glass eyes (whirring on the walls, monitoring assured).

A poem filtered by understanding of computer.

Syntax zerfleischte.

Equal nit ruins by smile.

Shining Static hisses in the electronic ears.

Silicone drum skins throb out aphex an impact (twins wince at the wordplays)

French, German, Latvian

those of the clay/tone loads still.

is translated and at the time of which is translated after.

Shape, organization.

In compliance with the gold and silver false eye to seem and plate and

(, is believed firmly in the watch wall which wing wing sound put out, moving,).

At the time of skipped in compliance with the gain and loss of the computer.

Syntax zerfleischte. In compliance with the very small amount nit downcasts which are equal.

The revolution which shines [swis] does from the electronic ear.

The silicon drum skin aphex French and German language them of the clay which yet shock (twins hesitates in quarrelling,),

the [thu] bar rolls up or the breast beat hits

at the timbre burden outside.

Translated and at the time, which translates afterwards.

Form, organization.

In accordance with to cover the gold and the silver wrong eye to seem and (, believed firmly in the clock wall, which set and moves wing wing clay/tone out,).

At the time jumped over in accordance with the profit and the loss of the computer.

Syntax zerfleischte.

In accordance with the small quantity nit fall, which are equal.

The revolution, shines [swis] does from the electronic ear.

Silicone drum skin aphex French and German language it the loam, nevertheless the impact (twins hesitates while arguing,)

, [Thu] the staff above rolls or the breast impact

strikes to the Timbrebelastung outside.

Translated and in that then, that translates soon.

It forms, organization. In agreement with covering gold and the incorrect eye

with silver to seem and (, believed firmly in the wall of the clock, that fixed and moves the clay of the wing of ala/el tone towards outside,).

Jumped in that then upon agreement with the benefit and loss of the computer.

Zerfleischte of the syntax.

In agreement with the fall of liendre of the small amount, that is equal.

The revolution, shines [swis]

does of the electronic ear.

French and German language of aphex of the skin of the drum of silicone the marl, nevertheless the impact (the binoculars vacillate whereas they discuss,),

[Thu] the aforesaid rollers of the personnel or the impact of the chest beats outside to the Timbrebelastung.


troylloyd said...

great heavy-text,
verses so strophed
on aphex of lang
a-training trans
to localizations.

mike cannell said...