Tuesday, 23 June 2009

slip slap sling grit

slip slap sling grit. naked nonchalant. dendrite pole grave. regis slite-of-hand. fog leg breath yes. synch “heaven comin’ on in chains”. embroidered anatomy design. puce püll-over make-out, out ride. industrial strength ennui. so much cognitive dissonance can only make your brain itch. passion is so passé. self referential t-shirt. hates experimentation. bottles without labels. permanent marker pen suicide. written in finish. microphone foam police club bacon rake. skin stretched tight over teeth, unchewable spork speech spasms. flesh fingers prod allergy. if i initially initiate “i”’s infinitely titicaca tinnitus issues irritatingly. tinkling piano tones in a hotel. drum the skull. pin the skin. put another bullet in the gun.

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