Thursday, 11 June 2009


neo-fauve rotoscope. sneezing out my brains.screen dreams palaver drench alphabet. zits repel girls. third- person, singular personal pronoun re-assignment surgery. blood on his fingers. you are what you think you are.he is not here. german pornography offends minister. it was so unfunny it made us wince. thighs pressed together. seems to be. i love my typewriter. thorn bleed, start a church. OCD masturbation. internet flicker-fingers. an angular foreign toungue. took what i was writing seriously. grey hair already. she stroked the back of her ear. he arranged it that way. gathering storm. word thinks it knows better. i must attack language to embrace it. the pills are wearing off. lick the letters as i speak them. field of colour. how to be a body without organs, without being a fusion-loving hippy: after the schizophrenic , paranoid, hysterical, bodies comes the masochist body. rainbows over the horizon. grins at the thought. genetic distortion. frenetic one liners, one liner poet. beat them to death. goes to the park to take drugs. really no reason at all. ubu boob loops pool.


troylloyd said...

flicker-fingers tipposcript all aleph's thru zed.

i too would like
to become
a body

mike cannell said...