Thursday, 25 June 2009

topic of language.

mis-appropriated harlequin feathers. drop dry pungent piercing rain wetter drench. skin-full skilful believe hereafter drink at lip. heal heel malapropism southern american beauty vacate dental flows. i will never have a street named after me, lake or no lake. i am a demon between the leafs. jogger judder pre- priest viscount vampire podium extreme. rosenblatt assumptions. slash flesh alone. aerodrome superhero instant messenger spokes person. drop droop drape. if opposed to be. draft short boogie woogie. back with an apple. sing for a wurm. chant for a wrd.wthiin.woord.

1 comment:

troylloyd said...

me teeth er bleedin' spitting spots between demon leaves & whereas eggs to nest wriggle restless, wurmburd.