Friday, 14 August 2009


yawned pebble. if six-and-a-half .saxophone screams like a human. being what she wanted me too. psychic flatulence. rejection .gather the intended premise. knife cuts the chord, knife cuts the letters drawn on page: black biro on white space. funny thing is, light floating above letters. sonnet for people who can’t read. telephone beckons ear, television massages eyes. demons eating children (for our protection).we vote so other people can have the choices. somewhere the audience laughs. applause sign blinks on. stutter gun. margin make-shift .aliens for atheists. goad the dragon with the dagon. glad to be of surface. sushi made of brain matter. ink blotter train ingram medicine porter. teeth champ slick talker bonded with the idiot board .cthulu misses. green mould grows on the text book. folded time and space between the dimensions. faded sine . open gait. smuggling drugs in soldier’s bodybags. meme what you say and say what you meme. emily rights a proem. gets what he wants. sweat nuggets,storm drain. if silence was solid you might not drown. if not not if. rewarded by force. in it up to my collar. news just in, leaders are still scum. link and you’ll miss it. end of the end of the the end the of end of the end. cling to hope, hope to cling. speak forwards to the strawberry flavoured anachronisms .aspergers sleep seem not altogether mars invasions, use being the final arbiter of officialise the use of to be. lights over margate. there are no rules lets twist the feeling about how you use words. subverted be syntax can. superb rhyme. scratch the veneer and you still get language of the people. grin with vampire teat. buffalo buffalo buffalo. capitalist letters make leaches out of vowel’s bowels. create green phoneme polyp stagger green. diction scramble the bleeding well . police box over london. invaders from marce. skin the knee to get at the brain. glint in the i. scream bloody murmer. facebook still spaces out the words. imagine there’s no peep hole. chopping the tops off pops. conquering consonants. grim impediments imitate foreign tongues. matt smith has no eyebrows. internet speak rarely sounds good in parliament. letter scratch peel off a facial feature. thinks in italics. if i am you, who am i? brain sperm. grip the sound with both hands. flying apes from space. hole in the sky, colour of embarrassment . in his radio voice. knights of the round tapir. grating against the skin. quills cause spills. i see undead people. it is here, she said, fingers fumbling with the catch. 101 things to do before you dye. “paranoid gastropods". elucidate wildly. comment for commence sake. logic is illogical. cement trod into the carpet. americans pronounced it that way. the tyrants die when you kick over the statues. open bartering lattice. roundels on roundels. porcine dictaphone parataxis. as the lsd took effect, the bunny girl started to turn into an actual bunny girl, nose twitching. he swings, first left and then right as the rope creaks. i wave a black flag. ego operor non narro latin. i’ts n’ot. aurora borealis. i don’t speak english. binary code bible for computers. is drowning in regrets. beware gifts baring greeks. i’m naked, except for my clothes. cocaine teeth(rub the gums). fumes touch the ceiling dying it green. eye drop eye drop eye eye eye. skates make writing on the ice. all is illusion but consciousness. gleam rubies, shine presious, though not real. don’t try to do something, do something.

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