Monday, 31 August 2009


since she came he was mellow. i saw a man with an apron, white gloves and a bowler hat standing on a chessboard floor. vindictive little rodents, aren't they? globular blobs bleep, globular blobs. sky lightning lighting up the kitchen. spelling be good , syntax though not good isn't. though through throw threw. over the absolute event horizon. vortex spinning plates. snow globes smash on the floor. refugee tibetan monks throw silver at the sky. cornwall corn wall-wall paper placed. dithering over the step. we're not running away. fiendish cunning. flip the switch, switch the flip. wings wind rather. there is a war coming. glint bargain-see back of page for details. it is defended.


gary barwin said...

it is defended indeed. nice piece, mike.

mike cannell said...

thanks, gary. much apreciated