Monday, 3 August 2009


that which cannot be perceived still exists. the ball rolls up the hill. ufo's in mexico. she was warned about the signs. if not it,if. jagger jig java japanese. fascists in avantguard clothing. fronds for freinds. wis'hs. glean momentum shape snatch. inverse text foregone agenda. blinovitch limitation affect. glass people bathed in light. yes they can. guns on the street. i am what i believe i am. sweet sweat thighs flesh scales certificates. talk the hind-legs off a donkey. the code was apparent. glass neck throat snatch. so clean a blade, so clean. got to see to go. repeat until it makes sense. flower on mountain top. tinted window.tender thoughts. yesterday appeals. jaws rip flash. white men sing the greys. under the effluence. other guardians are aware. sky chariots, rods in space. ctrl,alt,delete. bullet peter. rabbit ears foam fingers. no idea about god. infinite love is the only solution. greed barter. cloud cliff,cliff cloud. credit for. he speaks. wings in white suits. brain sturgeon.

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