Thursday, 7 August 2008

K=O=L=L=A=P=S numero uno is up!

the first episode of my podcast has been released. Enjoy! More to come!


matt dalby said...

Excellent stuff. I want to listen to it much more than I've been able to so far - and I aim to expand on the initial reaction over on my blog. There's not a weak piece there, and a really diverse range of approaches and sounds. And a learning point - I really need to master my pieces a lot louder.

I haven't checked if anyone's left comments over at K=O=L=L=A=P=S itself, but I can't believe there's been no reaction on the blog so far. It's a great project and I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

mike cannell said...

Thanks, thanks. there's always room for your work and I hope you become a regular contributer.

troylloyd said...

an excellent premier episode.

i must go back & listen again, i was going to mention perhaps it'd be helpful for listeners if you introduced each piece, but the seamlessness of it all was kind of appealing.