Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mailartpo for Troy

Today I have been primarily putting together the mailartpackage I’m going to send TroyLLoyd. Most likely I’ll wait till I know he’s home for good before I mail it him.


troylloyd said...

: )

happy my mailbox!

only 2 more weeks of this gig & i'll be back to my regular routine & home for the holidays, asthaysay.

(excited about yr mailgift!)

mike cannell said...

Theres a load of stuff I was going to send you in the package, but I ran out of ink for some of the paperstuff and my discs don't hold much and the more discs the heavier the package, so I'l send you some stuff through msn nexttime ur online. U'll enjoy the stuff I am going to send in the package though.