Saturday, 16 August 2008

K=O=L=L=L=A=P=S problem

As regular readers of visoundtextpoem will know, I recently e-mailed Jaap Blonk to ask whether he would like to have some of his sound poems on my show. Now, I've had some problems with my e-mail, not being able to send stuff and I was sent two emails by a mate and didn't receive them ( ie, he said he's sent me them, and it wasn't in my inbox) . Now heres the thorny problem. I've emailed Jaap twice but havn't received any reply . Now here is a question that needs to be solved; Is he not replying to me because he's busy or has he replyed and I've not received it? do I e-mail him again or would this appear as if I'm pestering him? He's someone whose work I have a lot of respect for and I don't want to piss him off. So what do I do? can any suggestions be put in the comments for this post?

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