Saturday, 30 August 2008


If anyone wants to contribute to K=O=L=L=L=A=P=S 2,

Please contact me either through the site or through the vispoets forum. Alternatively send me a link through the comments on this post


matt dalby said...

I was on the first episode, and I suppose ideally you'd want a different line-up each time, but if you want I can submit one or two pieces for you to have a listen to. Probably along the lines of sink, wankers and blue black... that I did recently. Let me know.

On a separate but related matter, I'm going to get back to the collab now. I sent you a piece either last week or the week before, but I wasn't sure if your email was working properly yet. The major reason for the delay - lack of memory on my machine has been sorted by deleting a mass of stuff, and adding an external hard-drive.

Even less relevant, but possibly of interest, I've been not only reading a lot more poetry recently than is usual for me, but also tracking sound poetry recordings through Ubu, Penn Sound etc, and YouTube. Both on the page, and in recording I keep finding bpNichol's footprints in places I'd stumbled on myself previously, and thought unoccupied.

mike cannell said...

Well, I've said that there is always room for your work, and I would indeed Like some of your work on there. I'm putting another Geof Huth poem on there as he sent me several.

On the colab, yeah I've had similar problems and know where your coming from.

The footprints of bp nichol are hard to avoid (they're so HUGE).

Stephen Nelson said...

Hi Mike,

My name's Stephen and I come from Hamilton, Scotland. I've got a couple of pieces which might interest you for K=O=L=L=A=P=S. OTOH they might not. One is called "yo yo tone" and is a bit chanty, overtoney, but it plays with the syllable "yo" before going into a tone thing. The other is a prose poem read with delay. It may not be your T-cup, I dunno, but it has its wee merits I think. I did try to edit it on cubase, then realised I didn't know how to send the file. If you're interested, let me know.

Your blog is excellent, very productive and varied. Take a look at mine (listed below) if you have the time. Also minimal, visual stuff and some threads running through it.

If you don't want to use the sound pieces, no worries.

Bye bye and best for now,