Tuesday, 16 December 2008

careless talk costs lives ( on the absurdity of war)

care less talk costs lives

less talk costs care lives

care less costs lives talk

costs talk care lives less

talk costs lives care less

care talk costs lives less

costs care less talk lives

less lives talk costs care

Costs less talk care lives

Talk costs care lives less

Care talk less lives costs

Less costs care talk lives

Less care costs talk lives

Care less lives costs talk

Costs lives less talk care

Costs less care lives talk

Talk less lives costs care

Less talk care lives costs

Lives less care talk costs

Less lives care talk costs

Less lives care costs talk

Care less talk lives costs

Less costs talk care lives

Costs talk less lives care

costs care talk lives less

costs talk lives less care


troylloyd said...

really great poem Mike,
reminds me of Emmett Williams:


"careless talk costs lives ( on the absurdity of war)" would make a great typewriter poem, if i had found a black & red ribbon, that'd work well, alternating black & red.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.

mike cannell said...

yeah, I may get round to putting the ribbon in the typewriter tomorrow. I've been ill and my dad's been busy