Monday, 15 December 2008

plans,thoughts and ideas

I'm doing a lot of things at the moment.

a) I'm knee deep in learning about anarchism, I'm reading about all sorts of areas of political philosophy. who'd have thought I'd end up as a socialist? blimey! Mutualism is certainly interesting. I've been reading "What is property" by Proudhon, which is an interesting and illuminating read (although parts are a bit hard to understand). I'm certainly not a fan of Noam Chomsky(mainly because of his views on 9/11 and his apparent lack of knowledge of false flag terrorism and the repeated use of the "problem-reaction-solution" method. 9/11 was definatly an inside job. There are strong rumours that he is a leftist asset of the globalists. I would definitely say I am an anarchist though. I would like to see a free society based on voluntary co-operation and mutual aid, where there are no hierarchies, and everyone is the master(or mistress) of his/her destiny. by the way, relax- this is a poetry blog and will not become a political one. elements of my beliefs will come thorough every so often, but I don't want to alianate people.

b) I'm thinking of growing a full beard-might/might not. I already have a moustache and a goatee. This has nothing to do with my new-found anarchist views. just something I've wondered. though it will be difficult.

c) thinking about starting the ball rolling in the plan for issue two of K=O=L=L=A=P=S

d) making a few text sound compositions for aslongasittakes.

e) sometime this week I will get one of the ribbons Troylloyd sent. I need dad's help because I'll just muck it up myself. I'm very eager to get this done because I want to start making typewriter poetry. I also have an idea of how to make asemic writing on a typewriter. wait and see.

f) looking for a good place to host e-books- I am colecting options, so if anyone can recommend a site I would be welcome. I want to make my PDF e-books widly available and FREE. I want the service I choose to be free and with no catches.

g) looking for a good anarchist internet forum- preferably with anarchism without adjectives and with some British people on there as well as any other countries.


Stephen Nelson said...

I used to be an anarchist. Now I don't know what I am - an a-poltical compassionate individualist maybe. There'll always be some joker trying to get one over on the co-operative.

Looking forward to K-O-L-L-A-P-S hugely, and new directions in 2009 for all of us.

Anarcompassionistakollapsontropic blogging Mike!

troylloyd said...

when i was younger, i was also heavily interested in anarchism, due in large part from exposure to
CR@SS , but also because it offered a "systemless system", i'm still an idealist in the sense that i think humans will eventually evolve to a point where such a political structure may exist, but i don't think it'll happen anytime too soon.

like Stephen, i've migrated more towards "an a-poltical compassionate individualist" worldview, in large part because endless discussions of theory seem to splinter & splinter to ever smaller sub-groups and ultimately action is lacking.

about Chomsky, i'm not too fond of him either, moreso because i disagree w/ much of his linguistic ideas, but i do sympathize w/ him on his political views, he's a clear articulate speaker, i found the viewing of the documentary Manufacturing Consent
to be quite rewarding.

yeah dude, go for the beard!
beards rule!
i'd be jealous if you can grow one of those big scruffy beards, i'm stck w/ my little dual danglies a'curl.

awe on eyesum! now i'm really excited to see what you come up with on the writing machine, you talking about an asemic approach has piqued my curiosity!!!

also, wow! that's cool you'll have some soundpoems in aslongasittakes, James Sanders is a proper genius!!!


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mike cannell said...

there are organised groups doing good things and to be quite honest anarchism is the only political system that is morally valid. It would actually be very organised. the current system is breaking up someone is going to replace it with something. its worked in small communities(Freetown Christiania for instance, theres a whole load of examples on wikipedia ) and I've looked at the theories and it could work. theres actualy solidarity where it counts. unless the builderbergers win it could get there. volentary co-operation, mutual aid and self management are valid principles and I think it could happen.

Yeah I'm probably going to try to grow the beard

I'm downloading the chomsky film and if it downloads succesfally I'll whatch it.

Yeah, when my dad gets round to actually helping me put the ribbon in, I'll start writing immediatly.