Saturday, 13 December 2008

tie prighters

I've received the typewriter ribbons from Troylloyd in a marvelously decorated envelope. I'll put the ribbon in soon. One of the fences in my Garden has blown over so I supose I'll have to help fix that first. Expect typewriter poems soon though.


troylloyd said...

coolbeans, glad ya gottem okay.

i'm back now, but it was lovely in Southport North Carolina, Cape Fear off the coast & it was even up
to 70° F, ate fish & grits, very good stuff, found a cheap 1957 edition of Tristram Shandy, atta junkstore found 5 recent copies of Art in America (one of my fave mags) for 25¢ each, drank too much beer, even tho working all week, i found the time to walk down by the salt marsh at dusk, a lighthouse turning bulbs miles away, on Bald Head Island, big fat bats, 3 of 'em, erratic in the coastal winds diving & twisting to gobble insects above the marsh, now back home it's like 28° F lows, so it was great to be on the coast w/ somewhat nice weather, it makes me wanna move to either N. or S. Carolina coast, the simple sense of wellbeing from being close to the ocean does my brain good.

looking forward to seeing yr t-writer poems!

mike cannell said...

cool yeah. talk to you soon. poems on the way sometime this week.