Tuesday, 16 December 2008


there's going to be a lot of activity on my periphery blog eyeattac,k. before I became a poet I made lots of photomontages and will be returning to doing some of that on the side. also when I figure out how, I'll be doing some vlogging (video blogging)- if I managed. The photomontages will be mostly political in nature and in the tradition of John heartfiled and Gee Vaucher (of Crass fame) I will also post old photomontages. some of them are graphic and violent in nature, so you have been warned.


troylloyd said...

i will keep my i's peeled for the ttacka, look forward to seeing the phomontagery, esp. b/c you reference both John Heartfilleds
& Gee Vaucher.

i'll visit there next.

mike cannell said...