Monday, 25 May 2009

Java etiquette.

alchemist brews word storm put the pedal to the metallurgist sings herself to sleep klaxon drone dream obituary smorgasbord stalin entrenchment gala basement cellar door arpeggio tangent bird invert flicks apathy breeds content syntax stutters over all-seeing “i” deader storm reflex homophobic homophonic fascist banned from Britain my commie patrol reptile queen presides over ritual abuse facebook gets a facial sunny fun and games lick a skull, migrate across the landscape of your lover’s body language is a physical, organic process closer to zod i want to lose my gag defects jamming the brain of the man, man! Singing sorrow in petals of pages ink blotter wings the missing think ginger djin gleam rotor blame enter name in account book eaglet egress.

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