Thursday, 21 May 2009


simple splice infer thesaurus stomping through the jungle that voodoo that you do simple gaping wound nature in the shrapnel god-awful nazi band hooks for hands magick mushrooms not much room for that dripping ideas city of the gypsies saw what they were made of molten steel drips on her face not regal enough staple down the wings the television flickered lightning trip-wire poison propaganda like launching a new star into the night sky blots on a page if by looking you mean reading flick through the rage hair stands stutter melancholic a performer on a stage old woman’s drooping breasts next to the time when we were young parataxis alert grey concrete abandoned in the rain petals fall gravity issues flesh burned with napalm the tea was too strong.

A translation of the above text using an online thesaurus ↕

child's play braid conjecture onomasticon trampling buttoned up the rainforest a certain a particular intelligible cavernous anguish attribute à la mode buckshot absolute being abominable tyrant bandage/bevy catches as long as claws alchemy fungi neither a lot of space in support of in order that bedraggled concepts burghal about the romany observed what they are constructed from liquefied grit teeth trickles descending adjacent her appearance no more august fed up abundantly fundamental the controlled substance downwards the idiot box beamed firebolt bungle-cable venom hogwash equivalent christening an recent stellar toward the obscurity azure blotch about the leaf assuming that aside glaring you allusion book-learning dab one-way the ferocity coiffure bleachers sputter depressed an acrobat against a notch ancient female’s flaccid chest adjacent to albeit our own selves ,were childlike parataxis jazzed ash cement godforsaken chic the precipitation bracts belly flops force impressions carnality blistered by atom bomb the pekoe was awfully able.

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