Wednesday, 27 May 2009

voicing the unvoiceable

so new, so different.contribute to the medium. spirit level fog gas. she would go, to do to do.bullet pierces lung, air gushes along with blood.long to play the piano. sort of squish,squish,squish. finding a new poetics. observations after the fact. screaming, "i'm peeing blood! i'm peeing blood!" anatomy lessens. limosine crashes into wedding cake. claws pop out, one by one. one moment, while tripping, he fell into a fan-blood gushing. punctuation in bloody bullet points. object the the art object. the concept is of no use alone. i would like a trophy killing. reveals things you cannot see.when is it ever all right to say "nigger"? maybe you just get tired. glad you came over. they say "point". scars illustrate stars. she felt she had to pretend. a flag waves like a bacterium. word alcoholic. dictating his memoriam. i hate public speaking. staples sessions. vulva volcanica. genetic stranded. doug's on drug's. dyspeptic disinfectant. stencils leech armageddon. written while reading his last book. 1982 humdinger. fall to gas, feel to as. she paid me to receive. performance mandragora ellipses. in sync. libal dragon hawaii. this is what i wanted to be. god, you couldn't do that. man. shocking revalations about the rainbow. come on, the text has already be looped. speech as muscle texture. wondering about the woman. holly body interest knowlage middle the. play with meaning. snatch crab echo sand.of the people. lop of limbs. outside the writing.voice the unvoicable.

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