Friday, 29 May 2009

my answer to a questionairre louis aragon once answered

What, for you, is the depths of misery?

The depths of misery.

Where would you like to live?


Of what faults are you indulgent?

My indulgent faults.

Who are your favourite heroes in novels?

All my heroes are real.

Who is your favourite historical character?

Pierre Joseph Proudhon

Your heroines in real life?

Heroines that are in real life.

Your favorite painter?

Willem De kooning

Your favorite musician?

Peter brotzmann

Your favorite quality in a man?


Your favorite quality in a woman?

See above

Your favorite virtue?


Your favorite occupation?


What would you have liked to be?


What is your principal character trait?

My principle character trait

What you appreciate the most in my friends?


Who are your friends?

They know who they are.

your principal defect?

That all my defects are principle.

your dream of happiness?

The happiness of my dreams

What would be your greatest unhappiness?

That one of my unhappiness’s which is the greatest.

What would you like to be?


your favorite color?


The flower you love?

a rose is a rose is a rose

Your favourite bird?

The raven

your favourite prose authors?

William s Burroughs, Stephen King, DH Lawrence, Hunter S Thompson, Pierre Joseph Proudhon, Benjamin r tucker, Kevin Carson.

Your heroes in real life?

the real ones

Your heroines in history?

Those heroines that are in history

your favourite names?

Bob, Andre, Lawrence, Eugen

What you hate above all?


Historical characters you hate the most?

All the leaders

The military act you admire the most?

All military acts are despicable. I long for a world with no armies or states.

The reform you admire the most?

The dismantlement of all governments, when it happens.

The natural gift you would like to have?

A natural gift.

How I would like to die?

Quietly and quickly.

The present state of your spirit?

My spirit has no state. It is free. If only my body could join it.

Your motto?

Death to all mottoes!

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