Monday, 1 June 2009

subtle nests

“Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.”

Andre Breton.

glad to be her. netted, it struggles, pincers gnashing. could it be? gadfly nebula godforsaken. jaded little pool. toasted on a monday. i could see this notion appearing. fascistic barbie dolls, valkyrie from matel. metal flesh bites bone. scheme shift, sift ,bleed text. glyphs inscribed in the sand. thoughts balloon into thought balloons. he kissed her in places she had never been kissed before. guts splice, blood spatters the floor like a scarlet mat. feathers weave into wings, carrying the world. a boot in his face, a hand in his pocket. he loved him, but the feeling wasn’t reciprocated. Just do it, you bastard- stop going on about it! a coffin nail in a vase of roses. MRSA is in our DNA. not a challenge. i’m not here, i’m inside. Hid his face with his hands. d(of) d(of) d(of). finger cut off. hanging by a thread. first man to walk on the sun. leafs a scar. the calendar hung himself. seeks to help. nature eats little girls for breakfast. dragged and bedraggled. knife to the brain. Triptoe.

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