Thursday, 7 January 2010

population control

pencil drawn powder on paper folded in skin sold through margin delinquent hooded 3-60 high powered millimetre waves fries your body equivalent to a chest x-ray shroud of cumin slit jesus’ throat and see him bleed coppers condones questioning control of electricity american conservatives don’t even know what socialism is most socialists don’t either the government doesn’t own the sun or the silver lung generates breath the sliver through the longs for the day he will finally come and take me in his strong arms folds in denim eyes a blue as my mind fingers probing constitutes love into pages of text black on white wide on narrow dog-ear the corners so you don’t bleed all over you table diagram of a dragonfly crucified on pylon typewriter hammers through my palms up cards prophesising future censor the scanning their naked body over hated give up your freedom or the terrorists will kill you do vicars believe in unicorns reporter getting arrested teeth strung like crown around forehead capitalism is a leech b(w)anker bailout is takeover reed real pole over offer 70% percent of americans border flow fob fog hoax helium align control the debate question everything i fool i deer reaps celebrities shape for sheep television hypno-eye coke screw pissed fists inject speed drawn rug cult slip slits skull funk jaconda blade ufo in fall form canada manage purpose velvet brain case rubs rum cerebellum self-destruct scoop.

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