Saturday, 2 January 2010


dense square of language words (flowing through black trench of thought ripped round pages cream flood pentameter) ropes in epiglottis speech in forward down towards slipping (unchain my heart) hooded dome gleam reach through syllables ground spelling into the flooring me with spontaneous word combinations twist 'twixt syntax and the surreal slopes of mountain sides slip slinking sideways solo perambulations fingers up and down the fret four head wrinkles hair in eyes (eye in i) groaning under the wait chinks of light (chips on shoulders) swinging between pole to pole siren flashing man on roof with shirt offer him a pint or a record deal left hand working furiously just as if i pretended not to care thought bubble scrolling text furiously love me like a man sneaks into shop late at night and draws on the walls jeans taking me for a ride simple voice mind was your owned know you cain slaughtered able to pronounce the silent letters sink into sync just the gist throwing his voice into my mind a pool with out a bottom (or a top) steel teeth biting his tongue.

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