Thursday, 6 June 2013

androgyne pendulum

skull imperative
dung cluck
receptive parley.

erotic stake play.
blood lot.
droop dictator

robe dummy.

a course if, of a cause of,
an a case at.

lacking free foot
throw throughout three
lift inch.

malevich throat-fuck.
protective cowl.
drawn in pregnancy.
drops of also.

in curtains.

rivulets of rivulets.
in an or.

linked in an either.
list of a list:
in a list, on a list,
and a list, at a list,
because of a list.

scottish pwoermdsmith
sits in bury.
lang sign.

 caterpiller pungent tick
school fumbles.

girls in shirts.

a dialectic.
an verse of
an mimetic.

veils in opal.
grass leakage.

 ward games.
return to zenda.
ass tip oz tap.

de sade in stages.
nuclear balkanization


skill impair missive
ding clack
reset poorly.

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