Monday, 3 June 2013

for michael jacobson

bubble babel.
firm indications of infirm ;
poses, strictures, categorizations.

in perceived form tinctures.
level impasse.
convocations of heard.

feathers or fathers
fathers of feathers

stumble keys.
detached conveyance and.
narrowest house in the word.
letter cutters win
the war.

roses insert : pedal burn.

gather textures from whispers.
shouts unsound.
deliver tangent vortex.

serpentine ilk.
tongue perched.
teeth unreached.

formant on in.
ferment of in.
informant off on in.
in for meant in onan.

 polyvocal invocations of
lettering spilt in tetris rows

(done to death pearl
fingers fiddle with
amplitude of after-thought.)

and anchor as.
of as or is on.

ecce echo.

babble babel:
turns, unturns, upturns
offers of linguistic infanticide.