Tuesday, 18 June 2013

organic 1

organic fragmenting stamen .
black widow genetic strata
pearl of pearl/ perloff.  

 peel skin vein, traction endemic.
italian course vine. tepid tea creatures tickle

vampire police officer  clogs lift shaft  
with nasal mucus.
 maggots the size of newborns.

 frankish shields troop larvae.
liturgical embolism.
strobe lighght.

coptic talley.
 ukrainian sneeze festival.
 lodge barley.

maseltov cocktail.
tar that resembles blood.
alice finds an overgrown foetus head
under her tea table.

 examining abortion clinics.
the wolves are drinking lavazz’ and
whatching david lynch films back to back.
sniper round

posters of eyes
on school walls. 
blank black bulk boys kissing boys.

-screaming in blue dresses-

rictor smile.
snaggletooth bargain.
dooms to preclude.
hail il dolce!

was and end.

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