Sunday, 30 June 2013

noise performance

frolicsome turns.
nevers of are.

 urticaria oft progress.
bairns un focus.
processions in tight.
fellatio in moonlit appendages.

bickers walls.

separation as mentioning.
  questions as formed.
       portions as served.

pinching flesh between concepts.
tors of tested magma. tuning in tinkled in
with fronds on failure.
amplification of syllables.

feather tight cello solos.
mutants of punctuation.
in bits if pixels.

perverted murmers.
aids pronunciation.
the spiked heel pierces

tones of well.
turns off wheel.
tins if will.

performances of a gender.
labial informants.
gynecological stasi.

urge un stunned.
polari of the lower tongues.

as capitalism absorbs it
approaches the value
of a thing.

canadian shoe leather/ flaps in will do.
could perform maintenance in trinsic.

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