Friday, 13 June 2008

a sound poem for Geof Huth


Geof Huth said...

Thanks, Mike, and a nicely appropriate work, a very becoming piece.

(One minor note of no consequence: you pronounced "Huth" as it usually is in the UK but as it is not for me. Take out the y sound after the H and you'll have it!)

Thanks for the listen.


mike cannell said...

Glad you liked it. When thinkin how to make this sound poem, I noticed that the sound of your name is one that is more like breathing, and is more like a whisper then a shout(though sometimes it is more effective to say something quietly then to bellow it). There often seems to be (to me at least) a gentleness to your work and I think this poem reflects that.

As for Pronouncing your name as it is in the UK, well I am from the UK.maybe its my accent? I did actually record this a while ago, before you told me how to pronounce it properly.

Geof Huth said...

Yep, my name is like breathing at its ends.

I wouldn't consider your pronunciation of its center, though, accentual. The Hyooth pronunciation appears in the US as well, just not exclusively.