Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Word For/Word

Word For/Word are going to publish 3 of my poems in the Autumn. Two visual poems and an asemic piece. It'll be out in October.


troylloyd said...

congrats mate

i'll drinka few pints to that

i've been told mostly folks like Whitbread up north?

i love that stuff

hang in



(nearly gaellic,eh?)

mike cannell said...


Well I wouldn't know about up North, I'm from the west Midlands.

troylloyd said...

Oya adu

Knowle then Dorridge

Medium Aevum The distribution of infinitives in -e and -en in some Middle English alliterative poems.

Medium Aevum ; ... clear-cut (we suspect that this poem has a longer scribal tradition than ... accompanying Alexander B as late fourteenth century, and suggests they were ... of this in the first half of the poem, although the tendency is in any ... infinitive se does not occur in this poem, in which sen is the only form sensible.


We still don't know how long Trogg has left and his regression is slow at the moment.

(We have a selection of punk clothing specialists in Bridgnorth today.)

Ozzie Osbourne?

There ai't many blokes moore black country than me. My Grandad was on the chain and anchor forging gangs that med the anchors and chairn fu the Titanic, up at Noah Hingley's. I was born and bred in Quorry Bonk, and that's the REAL centre of the Black Country.

That bloke from Wolves who ses it's an insult ter listen to...well he just ay a black country mon. Wolverhampton was on the very edge of the Black Country, so he do' really qualify. Oaur accent is no wuss than the Welsh, or the Scots, or the Geordies, or even the Norfolk folk.

mike cannell said...

(Puts some Black Sabbath on)