Friday, 27 June 2008

para-bilingual vispoem for Troylloyd and Karri Kokko (In English and anglosaxon)

This is a sort of bilingual poem, in that the text is written in modern English and old anglosaxon English. The words are from a very old poem called the seafarer. writing this visual poem was inspired by my freind TroyLloyds recent rorays into foreinlanguage poems and his interaction with Karri Kokko on the matter.


KK said...

Thank you, Mike. Maybe we're approaching a new lingua franca, circling it in a roundabout way, going way back first, then right up to date. Even my word verification sounds and looks like a name of some ancient Norsk god or concept: yjiml.

mike cannell said...

glad you liked it Karri. by the way. I noticed on one of your blogs (I'm so glad ofr google translations, from a verbovisual viewpoint Finnish is facinating, though I can't understand a word of it.) You posted a couple of flash kinetic poems. How did you manage that on blogger?

ps. If you would like to colaberate on something or start corresponding with me, It is possible to contact me through Dan Waber's vispoets forum, or ask Troy for my Email adress (understandably I'm careful with my adress)

mike cannell said...

in many ways visual poetry is an international poetry, since even if a reader doesn't understand the lingo, they can grasp the visual features and be stimulated.

troylloyd said...

welldone Mike!

and thank you.

the hand,
it is christmas time.

there's an interview
on Pennsound with
Steve McCaffery &
he reads a poem
in old Anglo Saxon,
the mingles of modern
English come in & by
the end it is all
modern English -
it's incredible.

these languages
all live within us -
to understand or
simply have an interest
in how it works,

is the breath
we all breathe.

in a word
there is a word,

then another,

& another

& another -

the world.



know sana
with callback

mike cannell said...

your welcome, yes the pic was one of the ones you sent me.
I've heard the interview. very good