Thursday, 19 June 2008

for Kurt Schwitters


troylloyd said...

Zum taug ultra Merz !!!

oh how i loved the old beat-up Schwitters book thay got at the Atl. Fulton Co. Library, it's got slice marks,inkspills,cigarette ashes,pages torn from it,paint stains,ripped pages

i liked the following quote so much i hadta write down inner mine liddle notbok, it gave me breath & wings:

"he was manic, almost kleptomanic, in his obsession with the waste materials of everyday life, with the meanest leftovers, from which he fabricated his pictures.

Wherever he went, he collected used streetcar & theatre tickets, worn scraps of paper, bits of wire, old nails, rusty tin cans.

To find them he went through wastepaper baskets, ashcans, attics, junkpiles;

he was always stooping down in public places to pick up things people had thrown away.

He was fascinated by the value of the valueless."

: )

mike cannell said...

yeah, I love his stuff. did you like my rendition of Ursonate?