Friday, 7 November 2008

Am I really saying anything?

Am I really saying anything?

I am really saying anything?

Anything-saying, am I really?

Saying, really anything-am I?

Really, am I saying anything?

Say, am I really anything, ing?

Am anything really say “I am?”

Any really am say I am thing?

An y really am say I thinglly?


Anonymous said...

Sanonko todella jotakin? Olen todella sanomassa jotakin? Jotakin sanomassa olenko todellakin? Todellakin olenko sanomassa mitään? Sano, olenko oikeasti mitään? Olenko jotakin todella, sano "olen".....You are very creative. =)

Eccentric Scholar said...

I was just reading a similar poem in William Burroughs' THE WESTERN LANDS (though Burroughs' poem is rather morbid):

Breathe in your death.
Death you're in. Breathe.
You're in. Breathe death.
In breath. You are death.

mike cannell said...

great poem, I first became aware of this particular poetic form through listening to Brion Gysin's text-sound compositions and reading his written permutation poems. interesting what you can do with very few words.