Tuesday, 2 December 2008

coming soon.....

I recently aquired a typewriter, and Troylloyd has promised to send me some ribbons, so as soon as he does and I receive them, expect some typewriter poems.


troylloyd said...

yes, the ribbons are coming. i look forward to seeing your typewriter constructivism.

has my small packet arrived yet?

i have a favor to ask:

in the packet is a little chapbook called "e-z see", i only took 3 or 4 photos of it, i'm without scanner so most my work is documented photo only -- anyway, someone is interested in having a full scan of the chapbook & i'd like to oblige -- could you possibly scan it & send the scans to me?
= )
i'd be much thankful!

mike cannell said...

I havn't received the package yet, but when I do you will receive the scans