Sunday, 3 May 2009


fall never seen feel, god goodness not she’ll since we are talking about not totally sure how they would have you seen this the gravel was like ice gee, i could have told you are you the same person i went to school with tea tastes funny listening to the radio lips bleed so what are you going to newspaper print quentin crisp thoughts are lowercase speech is in textures capitalism has to end not sure if that is the hell are you talking about mythology dreams 60 a minute seems like you are a conspiracy theorist tell the truth bighead blues hound speech spiel full stoop question quandary important poetics sky language is like musak bleed you fucker, bleed, not a thought, a sort of a knowledge so i said i so you know what a brain rain peel cough sound raid zombie pullover hegal was an imbecile swim through consciousness kenneth goldsmith like being so that is a what in the name of god you need to join this group so that yeah i hate freemasons though only the last few degrees Ronald Reagan was a waffle bleeding jesus was an alien from satire is an important sheen a vanir an aesir what you german woman with clipped hairball coughed theosophical klan man bleed so is that what you think of bush, hairy halo mound round red tender lips pleasure dwells within, so what do you think you know that I suppose manic depression alice down the cornholio beavis and butthead the materiality of language so this von damn i can see what the show me your punctuation marks are what these people actual write about that halos are o’s that are lost not a question a statement i wish people would stop judging me on my age a century more and i could see that Gertrude stein would like this poem though i could maybe see that originality is a self created illusion a self conscious david icke net web pornography Monsanto a dog with a mouth on his back lips peeled back teeth shocking future shocks that excite brain cells in other worms staccato stigmata skits o hernia sound walls shout a not a dot a comma a materiality of ideology paint a hitler landscape knives through a babies head god i could have told you these real boundaries i keep seeing pictures instead of words what do you mean words are picture oh right no they are footprints of sounds oh right i can see that anarchy is a point to this grassy ridge and spell m a r m i t e grassy knoll bikini so that should shatter a twin towers that the politian so i shout the september 11th s what do you think when we say so the so wtf seen so much talk about obama being a reptilian blood drinking neo-liberal neo-neo con trick nazi with black skin illuminati symbol rock’n’roll leaf green blade puddle pretty girl though i saw that she/me i saw that i could that you granny died in bed a history frequency zombie computer repetition repetition repetition repetition repetition repetition seen as a forgotten reflection since the seen what i saw that i alien i not a long way away, so i saw.

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