Friday, 1 May 2009

the return

I'm back!

not that I ever went away, but visoundtextpoem has woken up from it's coma.

Here is an e-book, so visual poetry and some clips of Max middle performing that he sent me on facebook that I promised him I would post here. It's great stuff. well worth a look.

internapwoermdwriting month was interesting but I'm glad it's over because now I can return to some semblance of normality. I know everyone else who took part blooged as well as writing pwoermds, but I wanted to go the whole hog. I'm going to keep writing more pwoermds and people really should read my pseudo-twitter {n/o/t/a/t/w/i/t}.

also, a colaberation between Daniel f Bradley and myself has appeared in the current isssue of otoliths



troylloyd said...


eyesum piece & collab
on o t o l i t h !

mike cannell said...

thanks, mate. you should submit some work to otoliths.