Tuesday, 24 November 2009


scholastic eye rastafarai sleek syndrome toxin elite tent rain solo mind field apostate allegory bono imbecile psilocybin hegemony doom reptile third aye bostin vada sneak optic snoop she doesn't know who i am, but i love him never trust a man who doesn't like carbon dioxin pins in a cross doll read as you will guitar chorus just jest gust bullet between the ice temple demon air pert skin flack justice in demand is list less for go t language pile up hungary hungary hypos lip lid slips in ink determine just as if you wanted yellow peel rat life-like facsimile die elect summer tripe triple homo side still wetter weather estrange headache solomon grungy ((yawn referencing now))) slip in intertextua lit copywrong guide solar flying saucer dead superhero zombie superman jaded rioter braid washed role in film rotten suit wearer software should be free single come over here shot at the police vacate the subtle world into the saccharine m,ind rape spool pidgin sings for super.

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