Saturday, 7 November 2009

heat adhesive


pszren said...

dear Mike, would there be any chance of inviting you to the poemic strip anthology? what I see here is two poemic strips. I know you found these, but it's art to see the art, so you're the author here.

certainly if you would like to send some other poemic strip, it would be great.

more info:

mike cannell said...

i'll certainly submit work. how many poems? what are the rules?

pszren said...

Dear Mike,

thank you for your answer! you can submit one of more (I guess eight would also be o.k.) poemic strips. each strip can consist of some parts, I guess usually three or four. so these works here would really fit. I guess there are many possibilities of how such a strip could look like: (I mean it's just an example, you are the Author and please don't feel offended by my touching of your works).

but poemic is still a developing art, so is the form of a poemic strip. so please feel free to find your way of adding elements of poetry and comics.

the strips should be aligned horizontally. the anthology will be printed and copied in black-and-white, and published on the net in colour :) (from the technical point of view it will look more or less like this: - I mean these are not poemic strip, but comic strips, but the idea of the brochure is similar). you can also take a look at another small anthology of poemics (but this time these are not strips :) )

the deadline is the end of this year. the strips should be sent as attachments to (or you can give me the links). each strip should be signed. each author will get a free copy of the brochure, so if you contribute and want a copy, please write the address where I should send it.

all the best,