Friday, 27 November 2009

needs muster

just if the this if the turn the earth surrounded by fates ink pooling through nebula pretty face with blue steel hair in face gone with the wined string round a fist glass teeth rubber gums slipping through mist turn the true relationship between the now and the now pubs clubs and buggery leap from the tallest building and leave pale residue sneaks inside the lacquered halls ebony pupils chill the thoughts the love i feel isn't aloud to be shared (simple if i can find out where the punctuation went) plus the grass even if not wearing a beer goggled steam-powered despair repellent skill if ungained further instructions when possible learn to listen listen to learn for if you season as desired so god whats happening deep recession just as if i could stop caring al gore is a con artist disrailed establishment yellow stick in ears radio in his fillings love him love the polar rainbow turning england whipped with the skin slitting flesh stripping bone away the hips bucking with magick orgasm foreskins retracting cherry red love heart head brain if to think about love.

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