Friday, 6 November 2009

t wince

six sicks sics seals and re-seals and sees and re-sees and watches watches and drinks and rinks and rickets and rictus and eyes and i's and ears and here's and there's and theirs all over moreover forever for fever for skin and foreskins and feelers and forceps and precepts slaps against hair for seeds baby tongue cheetah cheater chatter rib tickler form foam feat feet fool full sticks stickler just gist fun fin fan flung dictionary ufo bilabial margin dig dig brain spade slope slop sensitive sort soot suicide slip beneath yet represents chrome loftier incredibly fat children hadron hardon semi-alternative reed read spells modernity to post-modernity to re- modernity to re-post-modernity severe total peep-hole foundational belief clan cold kilt killed.

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