Tuesday, 24 November 2009

the male gays (originally published on my facebook page)

word spasm if creased line pervade epicurean slice sitter rich reasonable lap dance macabre shirt lift up flight stares at singer pillow sneeze frankenstein ward solid forgotten internet meme milquetoast just as if my magick wind your way up the shaft dance inner world mash-up singer slave just lather queer lineage jack spiced tea drunk with sore throat slipped in some islam smell on soul innocent palaeolithic engender metaphor in metaphysics hypnotised by the shape of his neck blue eyes holding all the beauty in the world don’t know what truth is, i barely know myself schooled just as if he tried to film an appeal a who do you think you are shorn of all language there are no words to describe loathe the very site of the wall crumbling slight indentation cyst lines on chest stomach reference into yesterday a position not at all since sin ce se sine seen scene since top hot head rail.

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