Saturday, 6 March 2010

“angels chore”

slumming (1925) the first shades (annabel in the stalls with a flier-an “anaemic cinema” sale on at brighton) by avant roll fucker-their flickering shapes through 9 incendiary performances. smoothed albums scattered for a boyish minute of (j’taime) anal sex with serge gainsbourge. birker screaming “moi non plus!!” (1975). helicopter wing couples falling over weaver s call’s “conical solid” (a mad man). jason around, singing his neck. he turns, sick mongrel. somewhere a dog wandered in from by the door by coincidence times with alice. o mother! you do a good drink with your a description willing plainting traduced in the darkened see volker dent of the bridge leaving brighton. cordon off a cinema-man. credits by anisettes instead.and, after (the director) michael front door. my wife, sippings bastard arena, just three people. whshallendorf’s 1966. cordon off the life and ten down- credits from “always that house, that legendary hacked cinema- me a chair ”. first time i was aversions.we meet. the (cue closing) future. the experiments to the excrement but ‘twas no mess the rotor-reliefs including ill house, “awe shadow landscape the 8 years (cue the closing future) you would reward the london film and the obscure mental orgies of spinning, silent pat o’neill. films with mary. old chains to we meet am curious, yellow. i think the fir somewhere missed this through the read, having over the next pipped by the mysterious george męli. marcel dutch: improbable series of nicholson ,alex. vin rouge & galoises you do a good drink.

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