Sunday, 14 March 2010

pot storm 15

evolved a mind of its own
dragging metal feet
electro screen hugging, cock sucking
tarmac fandango
long lung torn tongue
denim on denim
dote skull shave
symbol of tundra
stop copes gap pull
foot bondage
the properties of paint
corvette stumble
click strychnine
border patrol
guard the drug ship meant
sheep sheer
colon cuckold roach wheel weed
stamp pulsation pudenda
anal splay phallic invitation (to receive)
leather in heather
coin beat
drunk drive-kill people
as a stunt
heaven (coming on in shades)
spool real-to-reel ropes tap tape machine
just jest got golli wigging out
spiral eyes
sporran ice
long beach, line on hand
bound fur gory
cling clung gone groan
of off of ov thee (porridge)
moon soul
stun toxic
hollow pool.

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