Friday, 5 March 2010

pot storm 11

feat of engineering
whats outside
clear queer
strange hat game
dot pooled
paint hole on wall
single pixel
gaze into the fist of dredd
at an angle
iron with nails
longs for his touch
cyborg love parade
techno viking
meme mimetic
synthetic drool
and i've got proof
shifts stick
some stupid with a flare gun
home is where the hatred is
lair of the cat
six sex sets
it's all cypriot to me
he wants an ewok
reading ginsberg and eating a toffee apple
save savour safe
cot on a head tan rafe
keeping the home fires yearning
mole on cheek
conquer fear
dynamic tension
fur for fire
what is the obsession
trench war fair
celluloid jam
letter yellow
unintelligent design
mad for you ,too

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