Monday, 15 March 2010

memento mori

be no more, be taken, breathe one's last, cease to exist, conk, croak, decease, demise, depart, drop, drop off, drown, expire, finish, give up the ghost, go way of all flesh, kick the bucket, perish, relinquish life, rest in peace, succumb, suffocate, abate, bate, break down, crumble, decay, decline, degenerate, deteriorate, dilapidate, diminish, disappear, droop, ease off, ebb, end, expire, fade, fade away, fade out, fail, fall, fizzle out, go bad, go downhill, halt, lapse, let up, lose power, melt away, moderate, molder, pass, peter out, rankle, recede, retrograde, rot, run down, run low, run out, sink, slacken, stop, subside, vanish, wane, weaken, wear away, wilt, bones, counters, craps, ivories, pair of dice, shakers, tombstones back off, break off, bring to an end, call it a day, call it quits, close, close out, come to an end, culminate, cut it out, desist, die, discontinue, drop, end, fail, finish, give over, halt, intermit, knock off, leave off, pack in, quit, quit, cold turkey, refrain, shut down, stay, surcease, terminate and wind up

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